Weekly reading list #6

Another week, another reading list. Let’s keep it short this time, too.

  1. The Socio-Economic Review never disappoints. A paper by Natalia Besedovsky on the financialization as calculative practice. A critical study of rating agencies on how the innovations in rating model do not only entail a statistical change but also an epistemological one. It changes the perceptions and expectations on calculability and predictability.
  2. Fresh from the digital printer, a Guardian article on the coop economy. A look at Finland that it is a “natural” example of how this type of economy can work. The big question is whether this can be replicated at a larger scale or in countries that are highly embedded into the capitalist logic (i.e. USA) or post-communist countries that have an allergy to the word “cooperative” due to their political past.
  3. Another sad story on poverty and businesses. No need for much introduction. I recommend it!


What have I been up to?

Gearing up for the holiday season means that I have less time for reading.

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