Weekly reading list #4

This week, some interesting stuff going on and the Internet, obviously, picked all these up.

  1. A very good piece on Uber. You know already that I am a follower of this company and I wrote several pieces on it (here, here and here). I am still on the fence with categorizing this entity, but what I am sure of is that it offers a glimpse into the future of work. Work as we know it might disappear. Just think about how some jobs looked like 30 years ago and how they transformed.
  2. Open science: An article on how technology firms shape political communication, an overview of how social media platforms changed the course of the Presidential election in the US.
  3. Is this real life? China to move towards technological control of its citizens, something that reminds me of Black Mirror. We might not even need autocracy for such a societal paradigm to exist. Technology and the peer validation system is already so embedded into our daily life that it seems that an end-point as described in this article is feasible.
  4. A Bloomberg piece on Romania warning that our political class jeopardizes the progress that the country has hardly achieved. The paradox is that a majority government is so unstable. Do you want to know why? I wrote here and here about it.

What I am up to this week? 

Reading  Eeva Houtbeckers’ doctoral thesis on mundane social entrepreneurship. I must say, I am skeptical when it comes to the “social” motivations of these start-ups, but this long piece goes into the depths of the day to day activities of social entrepreneurship to question the categorization of what is social and what is not.