The myth of egalitarianism in Germany

An increasing number of doctors in Germany are accepting only patients that are privately insured. In order to have private insurance, you need to earn above a certain threshold (4350 euros per month). They switch to private insurance because it pays better and they can claim more money from, let’s say, a normal visit.

So, what exactly is wrong with this? Doctors study a lot until they start their practice so they are absolutely right to charge more. Or do they? A medical student studies for 6 years and then becomes a (very well paid) trainee. Other people also have to study for 3+2 years to get a (unpaid) traineeship in hope they will secure future employment not to end up serving at McDonald’s. Medical students have an amazing career path that is set by the government. Med school, traineeship, and then, you hit the jackpot. The government pours a lot of resources to insure that a med student has access to this career path.

Ok, you might argue that you cannot compare the job of saving a life to, let’s say, an accountants job. You’re right! But many doctors forgot the “saving life” part which is why they are in the first place there!

And here I come back to the doctors that accept only privately insured patients. They basically refuse to consult the large majority of the population on the premise that these people are earning less money. What’s the paradox is the fact that the German government educates the future doctors for free, pays very well their specialisations, and offers them many other perks.

Of course, even with all the amazing perks that other students can only dream about, doctors still find a way to complain. Not enough money, delayed payments from the state, etc. But where is the solidarity that comes from the oath you take to save life above all? How about the taxes paid by everybody who works to support you through a very expensive education?

Just a friendly advice: when a doctor talks more about money than your health during your consultation, dump her /him! It’s not good for your health!


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