The murky waters of international politics

The first G7 summit with Trump took place in Italy and it ended up in a, what I consider, diplomatic disaster for the world. Surreal, out of this world scenes with the US head of state riding a golf cart to catch up with the other leaders paints the real picture of an unimaginable transatlantic divide.

Hours after a meeting that failed to produce an accord on climate change, Merkel sets the disparity tone. She acknowledged the divide and sets herself as the leader of the European change to come. In her agenda is a push for an inward looking Europe that will not look for reliance on the US or the UK.

What’s going to change?

  • the idea of two speed EU will be removed from the public discourse, at least for a while. You cannot have a strong EU with giving up on integration
  • US will try to hamper trade relations, but as we know relations are hard to untangle and new ones even harder to build. However, the German auto industry is facing big uncertainties.
  • the political scene might be different in 3 years or so. We might have Trump today but we might also have a Democrat in 3 and half years that would reinstate the status quo. But then why the strong discourse of Merkel?
  • it is campaign in Germany, folks!