Romanian politics in crisis… again

The 6 months old Romanian government is subjected to a non-confidence vote today after the party that supported it (and whose members are part of) withdrew this support in an unprecedented power play. The leader of the Social Democrats and the prime minister are two different persons. The reasons is that the leader (Dragnea) couldn’t be proposed as PM back in December due to the fact that he has been incriminated with electoral fraud.

However, in a bid not to lose power in his own party, the president of the Social Democrats wants to remove the government because of increasing threat from the prime minister that started to capitalize on the dissent against the party president. It is as twisted as it is!

Obviously, the official reason for the non-confidence vote is that the government failed to reach the targets imposed by the party. The targets were mainly focused around the increase in pensions and wages, the main topic of the Social Democrats campaign. In reality, the policies proposed in December are hard to implement and necessitate a long-term plan, that neither the government nor the party has. No matter what they say, what is happening today in the Parliament is an attempt to create a political crisis out of thin air.

The Social Democrats are as desperate to push this agenda and to make uneasy trade-offs with other parties. We have to see in a couple of hours if the political crisis will be shifted from the almost outgoing government to the party that once invested power in it.