Another one on Brexit

This is a shorter article than usual. I’ve just came back from England, the country I lived in for 2 years. I left exactly before Brexit happened and I watched in shock how the polls were wrong in predicting the catastrophe. Almost one year after the event, I went back to a divided Britain. Brexit is the main topic of discussion and all the newspapers have daily articles about the latest developments.

It is shocking to see now, as it was back then, the virulent propaganda against the EU. Lies are perpetuated in a programmatic way. On the other hand, headlines talk about the systemic crisis that the NHS is facing, a gigantic organisation that has been knelt by the austerity policies and that was one of the main topics of discussion during the Brexit campaign.
People in the big cities have survived the shock, they might have cried in the period following the vote, but they have all came to terms with the outcome. They have to find optimism  and think that the political class would somehow start caring more about the people than political games.

As it looks right now, nothing is certain and there is no coherent narrative coming from Downing street. The political game is on for the elections to come. In a muddy public arena, the opinions are perverted by the personal agendas of big media tycoons that have more influence over the democracy than they should.

It’s sad to see a country I lived in and a very old democracy drift away from common sense.